Possible culprit in the Twitter hack found! Who was it?

Two weeks ago the most important hack in Twitter history occurred, when the accounts of Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and other important personalities were compromised, promoting a scam involving cryptomonies.

Did they find the culprit behind the Twitter hack?
Just yesterday, July 30th, Twitter published an update that revealed how hackers were able to access its internal network and account management tools.

“We’re sharing an update based on what we know today. We will provide a more detailed report on what happened at a later date,” he wrote on Twitter yesterday.

Basically, the update reported that the attack targeted a small number of employees through a phishing phone attack. Evidently, the successful attack gained the hackers access to the internal network.

Also, Twitter revealed that the hackers targeted 130 Twitter accounts. In addition, they managed to tweet from 45 accounts out of the 130, accessed the inbox of messages from 36 and managed to download data from 8 of them.

The attack was particularly relevant to the world of crypto-currency, as many attributed the hack to Bitcoin, when in fact BTC was just another victim.

And, just today, July 31, it was reported that Florida authorities made an arrest of 17-year-old Graham Clark for his alleged participation in the Twitter hack.

Clark will face 30 felony charges, including organized fraud, multiple counts of communications fraud and more.

In the statement, the state prosecutor stated that, at this time, it cannot be revealed whether Clark worked alone or not. What we do know so far is that the minor will be tried as an adult.

This is news that is just beginning and we will probably know more about it in the next few days. Of course, we at CryptoTrend will be reporting any updates in a timely manner.

The Twitter hacker was a Bitcoiner?

What was discussed at Decentralise?
Today, CriptoTendencia covered the DecentralizAR event, an event about crypto economy and finance in Argentina, which brought together many experts on the subject.

One of the main topics was the debate about whether Bitcoin Trader was a cryptomoney or not. At the end of the day, the debate concluded that Bitcoin may not be a currency as such at this time.

Also, Ariel Aguilar taught us about Bitcoin wallets, offering valuable information about them.

Decentralize: Economists Debate Bitcoin in Argentina

A bubble in the DeFi market?
Without a doubt, decentralized finance (DeFi) is booming. In fact, the growth in the last two months has been phenomenal, so much so that the amount of money being invested in the industry leads many to consider it a bubble.

In this regard, the total capitalization of the DeFi market exceeded $8 billion in CoinGecko today. However, DeFi Market Cap reported a slightly lower figure, $7.1 billion.

So, although there is disagreement on the figures, it is no mystery to anyone that activity in the DeFi market has increased dramatically in recent months.

In fact, for many, this market has been the main catalyst for the price of ETH crypto. Thus, there is an obvious fear that a bubble is being created.

DeFi and the risks: Possible bubble?

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