Crypto Winter Hits Hard: World’s Largest Bitcoin Conf. Sees 50% Drop in Attendance

• Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami sees 50% decline in attendance compared to 2022.
• The crypto winter is believed to be one of the reasons for the decline, with only 15,000 attendees registered this year.
• Notable speakers include U.S presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy and author Michael Lewis.

Decline in Attendance at World’s Largest Bitcoin Conference

The third consecutive Bitcoin 2023 conference held in Miami Beach has seen a drastic decrease in attendance from 35,000 people last year to only 15,000 this year. This major drop is believed to be due to the current crypto winter experienced by the cryptocurrency market.

Notable Speakers at Bitcoin 2023

Despite the lower numbers this year, attendees can still look forward to listening to notable speakers such as U.S presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy and author Michael Lewis as well as U.S Representative Patrick McHenry and tennis legend Serena Williams who were also part of last year’s lineup of speakers.

Tickets and Networking App Access

Attendees have the option to purchase a general admission ticket for $999 or an “Industry Pass” priced at $2,299 which includes exclusive access to the “Official Networking App” which will help connect attendees with each other during the conference.

Crypto Winter Taking its Toll

The decline in attendance is a reflection of how much the crypto winter has taken its toll on various aspects within cryptocurrency industry including conferences like these that require large crowds that are willing to pay hefty prices for tickets and passes just to attend them.


Despite being faced with a difficult situation, Bitcoin 2023 will still be held this week starting Thursday and ending with an exclusive afterparty on Saturday night showcasing all that it has promised despite a significant decrease from their record high numbers last year

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